The North London Reading Group is made up of the following groups:

Reading Group 1

Our first group has been going for over a decade. It meets monthly in pubs around the Kings Cross / Euston / Islington area.  Members take turn to host, and their reward is to pick the next month’s book – which means a diverse reading list.

The group was featured on a podcast in 2017.

Graphic Novel Reading Group

If you are into graphic novels, this group meets every couple of months over a meal in eateries that match the book. Members have read Pyonyang in a Korean restaurant and Nelson in a similarly named burger pub.

Shakespeare Reading Group

This group is nearing the end of its mission to read and discuss all of the bard’s plays. It’s plan is to regenerate into a group reading other plays – Pinter, Brecht, Beckett, Russell…

Book Group 18

So called as it is the 18th group we’ve helped form.  The group meets each month in the Somerstown Coffee House pub near Euston Station.

19th Century Reading Group

This group meets every three months to tackle great Victorian novels.

Muswell Hill Reading Group